Bean Bag Chairs Brands

A search of different bean bag chairs brands will show that there are a few brands whose bean bag chairs are much in demand. This is because these bean bag chairs brands offer excellent quality and they also ensure that their bean bag chairs offer maximum comfort and are very durable as well.

Bean Bag Chairs Brands

A check of bean bag chairs brands will throw up several well known names including the likes of Hi-BagZ, Bean Bags, Comfort Co, Bean Bag, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess and Groovy Chick. Fatboy is another name that figures prominently in a list of top bean bag chairs brands and the same goes for Beautiful Beanbags Ltd and Bean2Bed Limited.

Here is a look at some of these well known UK bean bag chairs brands.

Hi-BagZ offers a number of useful bean bag chair options. Among those that are very popular, the Hi-BagZ Gaming bean bag in faux leather is a very nice example of a bean bag chair. This particular item is available in brown and black colours and retails for approximately forty pounds. In addition, Hi-BagZ also offers kids bean bag chairs for gaming and these are available in several colours including blue, aqua and pink and these chairs are also water resistant and retail for about 28.99 pounds.

Bean Bags

Bean Bags is a well known company that offers some very affordable bean bag chairs. When checking bean bag chairs brands such as this one, you will find that it offers a variety of bean bag chairs such as the Bean Bag Cotton Royal Blue Extra Large that is available for 23.99. it also offers the Bean Bag Extra Large Faux Fur bean bag chair in natural beige colour and this item is being sold for just 24.99 pounds. For the same price, you can also purchase a Cotton Charcoal Light Black bean Bag Arm Chair seat.

Comfort Co.

Comfort Co is another example of the better bean bag chairs brands. It offers many different kinds of bean bag chairs including the XL Black Faux Leather Bean bag chair which retails for just 39.99 pounds. You can also pick up their Designer Gaming Recliner Faux Leather brown bean bag chair that is available for 49.99 pounds. The company offers many other models including the giant beanbags which are perfect for use in the indoors and outdoors and are retailing at 69.99 pounds.

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie The Pooh is one of the other bean bag chairs brands that are selling good quality bean bag chairs. The Disney Winnie the Pooh Bean Bag Arm Chair is available for a mere 14.95 pounds.


Fatboy is among the best known bean bag chairs brands. It offers slightly more expensive bean bag chairs but for the higher price you also get excellent quality bean bag chairs. The Fatboy original oversized bean bag chair in black and brown is available for approximately 150 pounds. The Fatboy Buggle Up outdoor bean bag chair in red and grey is, on the other hand, being sold for approximately 225 pounds.