Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs

The origins of Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs are very interesting. Lovesac made its first appearance at a local home show and also at boat shows and beer fests. Soon, Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs became a popular item and the first major order for these bean bag chairs came from a company that is well known and which is called Red bull. This company found the Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs to be very useful and they were soon being used for commercial use.

Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs

Bean Bag Chairs – high quality products

Another interesting fact about Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs is that these were designed to be of a very high quality. In fact, other bean bags pale in comparison with Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs and there are more than 250000 people that love the bean bag chairs that sport the Lovesac name.

Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs are filled with the best quality shredded DuraFoam and are also guaranteed for their entire life and will not become flat or tear or break. Lovesac actually calls its bean bags sacs. There are some really exceptional sacs available that are worth knowing more about.

Super Sac

The Super Sac is an original oversized sac that sports the Lovesac name. It is one of the best selling Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs and this is because it is made of a perfect size. This particular bean bag chair is big enough to seat two adults and is the best option for anyone that is looking for an oversized bean bag chair.

Limited Edition Manorsuede Supersac package

This is one of the better Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs and is another best selling bean bag chair from Lovesac. This is also the perfect spectator athletic supporter and is a perfect option for the super fan.

Movie Sac

The Movie Sac is one of the most attractive Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs and is big enough to easily seat two adults and at the same time is also small enough to fit into any small sized room. It also weighs a mere forty to forty five pounds and is five feet in diameter. There are many different kinds of movie sacs for you to choose from including items such as movieSac with chocolate Rhinoplush cover, MovieSac with Red Heeringsuede and even MovieSac with Eskimo Phur cover.


PillowSacs are among the most versatile Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs available. These bean bag chairs are very unique and different to its other cousins and will also outperform each of them. The PillowSac is shaped like a large rectangle and is of the exact same size as a double bed and is a perfect solution for your guests who will find these bean bag chairs wonderful to relax on.

The PillowSac also fits in perfectly with a Rocker Frame which will then look sleeker and sexier. These Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs can also be made to lean on or against walls and can be turned on their sides to form a pea pod which is the perfect gaming chair for the avid gaming enthusiast.