Bean Bag Chairs History

Before you actually start to learn about bean bag chairs history, it is important to understand that these chairs are available in four unique shapes which include the teardrop, armchair, cylinder and sack shapes. In the recent past, many other kinds of shapes have also evolved from these four unique shapes. The loveseat is just a bigger version of the armchair shape. Another aspect of the bean bag chairs history is that these chairs are made with different kinds of fillings. The most popular filling option is the recycled Styrofoam beans which provide a more eco-friendly solutions. Previously, the bean bag chairs were filled with real dried beans as well as with Styrofoam pellets as well as with PVC pellets.

Bean Bag Chairs History

Bean bag chairs –an unclear history

Bean bag chairs history is not very clear even though these items are very popular. The credit for inventing the bean bag chair is shared among two people. Roger Dean is one of these two people to be credited with creating the world's first bean bag chair.

Roger Dean

Roger Dean was better known for his painting work rather than for creating a furniture item like the bean bag chair. His original bean bag chair was called the sea urchin chair and this chair was introduced to the public in the year 1967. This particular bean bag chair was made from foam and was spherical in shape. Dean's bean bag chair would conform to the body's shape and it was a comfortable chair in which twelve separate sections would be glued to each other to create a structure which would then be covered by a soft fur cover. This sea urchin chair was also shown in the cult movie, Clockwork Orange and was a very interesting item that also happened to be very dissimilar to the modern bean bag chair as we know it today. Those who know about the bean bag chairs history doubt that this particular bean bag chair was the first of its kind.

Italian origins

The bean bag chairs history can also be traced to Italy where in the year 1969, a few designers by the name of Teodara, Paolini and Gatti got together to form what was thought to be the original bean bag chair. These three people worked for a company called Zanotta and the first bean bag chair was named the Socco which was created in the shape of a pear. This particular bean bag chair had a leather cover while the fillings used were Styrofoam beans. The Socco also had its own headrest and is still being sold on the market today.

The seventies marked a turning point in bean bag chairs history with the introduction of bean bag chairs in the US. These chairs were introduced into the US by a person called Kenneth Edmunds whose Minneapolis Cuddlebag Bean Bag Co made bean bags that were filled with Styrofoam pellets and the cover of the chair was made out of leather. These chairs were widely being used as part of disco pop culture.

The bean bag chairs history took a major leap forward when during the nineties these chairs were given a makeover and the fillings used in these chairs were not Styrofoam beads but shredded polyurethane foam. This new filling helped to make these bean bag chairs a lot more comfortable.