Argos Bean Bag Chairs

Before purchasing Argos bean bag chairs, it is important that you take some time out to learn a little bit more about Argos which is part of the Home Retail Group which in turn is a market leader in home as well as in general merchandise market. Argos prides itself on being a multi-channel retailing organisation that is unique and recognised for providing convenience, value and choice. The company has dealt with more than one hundred and thirty million customers each year and about 26 percent of all its sales are made via the internet. They have sold to four million customers whose orders were given by phone or over the internet.

Argos Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs- plenty to choose from

There are plenty of Argos bean bag chairs to choose from and a typical example of what you can expect to find at the Argos online store is a cotton bean bag that retails for just 9.99 pounds. This is a best seller and is often out of stock. So, you may have to reserve it first.

Pear Shaped leather effect beanbag in copper colour

These are excellent Argos bean bag chairs as they offer you comfort and style all rolled into a single pear shaped leather effect beanbag that is filled with polystyrene beads that are fire retardant and which provide the body with gentle support. The leather effect covers are eighty-five percent PVC and the remaining fifteen percent is PU. These Argos bean bag chairs are perfect for light use. The same Argos bean bag chairs are also available in other colours including in black, and chocolate as well as latte colours. The prices for these other Argos bean bag chairs range from 61.19 pounds to 60.76 pounds.

Something different?

You may also be interested in something different in the form of the leather effect beanbag chair that retails for 99.99 pounds. These Argos bean bag chairs are also filled with polystyrene beads and will mould perfectly with the shape of your body which will get some very useful support. These Argos bean bag chairs are very versatile and they are also very flexible and they are easy to carry from one part of the home to another and are suitable for use at any occasion. They measure 65 centimetres in height and are ninety centimetres in width and they have a depth of 65 centimetres. In addition, they weigh a mere six kilograms and can be cleaned with any nice and wet and soft sponge.

Giant leather effect beanbag lounger

The giant leather effect beanbag lounger in chocolate colour is one of the better Argos bean bag chairs that you can find today. It is very comfortable as well as very stylish and is a high quality bed lounger that is stuffed with polystyrene beads that in turn are fire retardant. These Argos bean bag chairs are being sold at Argos for about 101.99 pounds which means that you are saving 18 pounds of the list price. This is a perfect bean bag chair for light and everyday use around the home.