Contemporary Bean Bag Chairs

When searching for contemporary bean bag chairs, the LoJo Ball bean bag chair is an item that is certainly worth taking a closer look at. These contemporary bean bag chairs are innovative and are stools and sofas as well as footrests all rolled into one. They have nice ball shape and for the past decade and a half, Lo Jo has been offering customers some truly exceptional solutions for day lounging.

Contemporary Bean Bag Chairs

bean bag chairs-Lo Jo

Lo Jo contemporary bean bag chairs are very creative and also very stylish and they will certainly meet all your expectations regardless of the amount of living space that is available in your home. Contemporary bean bag chairs from Lo Jo are the best chill-out items of furniture that you can find today and are very contemporary and the perfect answer to bean bags from yesterday.

Novel designs

Lo Jo contemporary bean bag chairs are designed in a very novel manner and yet these designs remain very simple. After zipping up these bean bags you will see that they will take on the shape of a sphere and in doing so will become an excellent stool or footrest. If you unzip the bean bag chair, it will become a lounge chair that exudes style and which is a perfect seating solution for those who wish to enjoy their television viewing. These contemporary bean bag chairs are also perfect for reading newspapers and to read your favourite books as well.

Polystyrene bead filling

Lo Jo contemporary bean bag chairs are filled with beans which are made from polystyrene and which will contour to your body shape. The back is designed to offer you maximum support for your lower back. The material used in the making of the outer surface is PU Leatherette or soft faux leather while velvet is used for the inner material.

These contemporary bean bag chairs are available in ½ metre diameter and there are many different colour options available that you can pick and choose from. In addition, you can pick from a variety of fabric options and the finish will be very enticing and is another reason to purchase such bean bags. Some of the finishes that you can choose from include those such as Lojo 8 ball, LoJo Lambretta Spitfire and Vintage Football and more.

Setting up these contemporary bean bag chairs is also very simple. All that is required is to turn the bean bag chair over and then you can simply zip it up. At the same time, push the seat down as far as it will go and then zip the bag up. Another reason why it pays to purchase items such as Lo Jo contemporary bean bag chairs is that they do not require much maintenance. These chairs make full use of air to provide proper support.

However, LoJo contemporary bean bag chairs are not washable and cannot be used in water. To clean them, you should simply wipe the surface with a clean cloth. Such bean bags are very capable of withstanding weights of up to 100 kilograms. These contemporary bean bag chairs are an update of the traditional style bean bag chairs and are well suited for use in a teenager's room and also in student pads.