What Is a Bean Bag Chair

The simple answer to the question, what is a bean bag chair is that these chairs are very popular furniture pieces that are made out of fabric and are also filled with tiny chunks of PVC pellets or Styrofoam. The bean bag chair is considered a mod item of furniture and was very popular during the sixties and the seventies. The bean bag chair became very popular once more in the nineties and a few well known companies have started to sell such chairs that are filled with a special kind of foam (shredded polyurethane). Such chairs are being sold for high prices but they are also able to provide users with outstanding comfort and so one should not mind paying extra for that.

What Is a Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chairs –Oversized Sac and Physics Bag

When it comes to finding out more about what is a bean bag chair, one should also understand that these bags are also referred to as Oversized Sac and even Physics Bag. These bags currently are made out of polystyrene beads which are filled inside the bag. These beads have diameters that can vary from between three and nine millimetres though it is also possible to purchase bean bag chairs that are filled with beads that have diameters of between one and three millimetres.

Compression of beads

If you want to find out exactly what is a bean bag chair, you should also find out about the companies that are making these chairs. In addition, it pays to keep in mind the fact that after a couple of years of use, the beads inside the bag will become compressed. When this happens, the bean bag chair becomes a lot less comfortable to sit on.

Ambient Lounge

A company by the name of Ambient Lounge developed the bean bag chair in a new style. They introduced their new bean bag chairs in 2005 and these bags did not use the normal blob styles and instead chose to incorporate a more stylish range of designer items. Such bean bag chairs became very popular among expats that had made London their home. The reason for this popularity was that instead of purchasing costly leather suites they could not purchase the new kind of bean bag chairs and in this way gets a stylish item for a lot less cost.

What is a bean bag chair? This is a question that many people ask and the answer is that these items are really chairs that are made from large leather or vinyl sacks in which dried beans have been filled. Nowadays, synthetic beads are being used instead of actual beads.

The right way to answer the question, what is a bean bag chair is that these chairs are very comfortable and the weight of the user will be supported by the beads while the outer shell will form around their bodies.

It is also important to know more about where these chairs are used. In most cases, the bean bag chair will be used in dorms and in various kinds of apartments. To answer the question, what is a bean bag chair, one should understand that these are very affordable items that suit the needs of young people perfectly. This is why students love to buy bean bag chairs which are easy to handle and quite comfortable to sit upon. What is a bean bag chair? Another way of answering this question is that these are very affordable chairs that are also very informal.